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Ownership Stability

Debt Free Development

When WPB Poplar Ridge, LLC, took ownership of this property in 2011, we did so without assuming any debt. We're very fortunate to be in that kind of financial situation and it’s allowed us to be very patient since we took ownership, waiting for the market to return before we began further development.

Stable Property Values

The patience noted above allowed us to actively support the property values in Poplar Ridge – both during our time as owner, and during our affiliated company’s prior time as lender to the original developer over the two years prior to our acquisition. During that period of time we never once asked the developer to reduce the price of any lot. So many developments in western North Carolina were fatally crippled by lenders and developers who either would not or simply could not weather the tough financial storm, and their urgent price slashing (in an economy where things simply could not sell regardless of price) not only typically spelled their own doom, but likewise destroyed property values for the owners who had previously purchased in their development. We know how important the investment in a home is to the buyers in this community and we will continue to support them by building the highest quality homes in a fiscally responsible manner, using patience as warranted instead of seeking a quick exit, or being compelled to pursuing overly aggressive financing options.


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